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Corrosion resistant coatings

A corrosion resistant coating must always begin with a properly prepared substrate; steel, for instance should be gritblasted. This may be followed by zinc metal spray or a zinc based primer to give cathodic protection. Primers will improve adhesion and reduce underfilm corrosion. The primer may then be followed by a mid-coat that contains substances designed to create a barrier (ie MIO). The final coat will be designed to give the decorative appearance required, but also to resistwhatever the coating is likely to be exposed to. (UV, abrasion, chemicals, salt spray etc). Each of these coating elements can be applied as a liquid or a powder, and it is essential that they are compatible with each other. With such a huge range of variables, so many pitfalls and so many potential solutions, there is no substitute for long term experience. We are happy to advise on the best system for your job.