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Our architectural department provides the integrated processing required to guarantee the long term durability, wear and corrosion resistance so vital for large architectural components. We offer polyester and nylon powder coating as well as a full range of specialist wet applied systems.

  • Experienced team who understand the relationship between good preparation and longevity
  • In-house grit blasting
  • In-house zinc and aluminium thermal spraying
  • Dedicated plant handling items up to 2500kgs and 6.5m x 3m x 2m
  • Special processes to work successfully with galvanised components
  • Validation including accelerated weathering, thickness testing, spark tests etc.

Need guaranteed long term performance?

Nylon powder coating with our LayerKote techniques can provide extended corrosion and wear performance that can be guaranteed for up to 25 years. We can also offer guarantees on other systems based on polyesters or liquid paint systems.

Contact our technical department will help you to specify the most appropriate system OmniKote are approved applicators for coating systems including Nylon R-AG, Interpon,Primer range includes: Iron Phosphate, Zinc Phosphate, Chromate, Bekryzinc, Zinc Rich Primers, Etching Primers, Kephos, 2 Pack Epoxy primer, Zinga, Epigrip, Metaguard, Zinc Silicate