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  • Non-stick and Release coatings: Omnikote apply food grade Xylan and Teflon coating to industrial cookware, moulds and machinery. These are used on high temperature parts of the machinery. We are also able to offer a fast recoating service for these parts
  • Nylon coatings provide a smooth easy to clean hardwearing surface giving excellent protection from corrosion, process and cleaning chemicals and staining. Anti microbial nylon has been used widely for storage. The nylon is tough and maintains performance at low temperature. The anti microbial action reduces the risks of contamination and retards the growth of moulds and unpleasant odours
  • Process equipment coatings: Highly durable and chemical resistant coatings are needed to protect plant from acids heat and wear. Omnikote are fully experienced in the full range of powder and wet applied systems for example Aqualine, Irathane, Duranar