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Surface Treatments and Primers

Most coating failures are due to corrosion beneath the coating, or poor adhesion. Primers are designed to improve adhesion and/or corrosion resistance.

Everything we coat has some form of surface treatment and/or primer. Each of our plants has the capability to apply primers by:

  • Wet spray
  • Powder
  • Electrostatic wet

Commonly used primers include:

  • Two pack epoxy formulations
  • Zinc rich primers
  • Chromate and phosphate systems

Selecting the optimum priming solution depends on the substrate and coating process.

Primer range includes: Iron Phosphate, Zinc Phosphate, Chromate, Bekryzinc, Zinc Rich Primers, Etching Primers, Kephos, 2 Pack Epoxy primer, Zinga, Epigrip, Metaguard, Zinc Silicate