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Nylon Handrail Coating

Nylon R Ag+ Exceptional durability with a long lasting anti microbial action In busy public areas and mass transport systems such as underground, trains and buses, germs can easily spread hand to hand via handrail. Anti microbial coatings have been available but until now have they lacked the durability needed for such heavy wear applications.

Our new coating, Nylon R-Ag+, uses a tried and tested ionic silver biocide encapsulated within the nylon matrix to ensure long life. This combination has been approved by the Health Protection Agency. The pre treatment, priming and nylon formulation is based on a coating specification rigorously tested and approved for durability and fire safety by London Underground. This new coating kills 99% of microbes in contact with the surface, thus reducing the number available transferred by hand contact. It is effective against MRSA, Flu viruses and legionella.

Our Claim

We believe this to be the best handrail coating currently available.