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Grit Blasting

Coatings are designed to be applied to a clean surface. In the case of steel , if the coating is applied directly to hot-rolled (black) or oxidised steel, the adhesion and corrosion resistance will be poor. Omnikote will always include grit blasting as part of our process on these substrates. On all substrates, grit blasting will improve adhesion and corrosion resistance, so we recommend it for all demanding applications. We have three in-house blasting plants.

  • Large walk-in room for large fabrications and architectural
  • Cabinet system for small components and precision blasting
  • Dedicated plant for continuous tube blasting
  • Dedicated equipment for tubes
  • Wide range of grit materials and sizes. (Chilled Iron, Alumina, Chrome, Garnet etc)

Grit blasting starts to lose its effectiveness after 5 hours which is why we process in-house. Shotblasting is entirely inappropriate as a preparation for coating as it produces no key.