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Nylon R-AG Coatings -
London Underground requirements

A coating formulated to look good for longer in the demanding environment of underground trains. The coating system was developed in conjunction with London Underground to meet their requirements for train Handpoles It is based on Polyamide (Nylon) 11 which is already the toughest, most abrasion resistant decorative coating in use today. Omnikote has reformulated this coating system to give improved antigraffiti, fire and smoke emission to meet the standards set by London Underground. It has been rigorously tested for compliance and details are available on request.


Historically, Nylon R-AG has been used on new rolling stock including KCRC and MTR in Hong Kong, London’s Northern Line and Piccadilly Line. Omnikote also offers a refurbishment service for existing Handpoles and has carried out this service on for LUL on the Circle line and Waterloo and City. The failed polyester coating was stripped, and replaced with the much tougher Nylon R-AG coating.