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Nylon Powder Coatings

Although initially more expensive than polyester coatings, Nylon has superior wear, abrasion, and impact resistance. Any extra cost is recovered many times over by savings in maintenance and replacement costs. Coating with Nylon is a major part of our day to day business. We are an approved applicator of Rilsan, and have built up a considerable expertise with this product.

Key benefits of Nylon are:

  • Manufactured from renewable resources
  • Non toxic
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Good chemical resistance especially to solvents
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good thermal insulation, ideal for warm to touch applications
  • Flexibility at low temperatures
  • Smooth low friction surface
  • Certified colour formulations for all standard colours in our spectrophotometer or we can match accurately to any colour sample. RAL, BS, Pantone, RDS and Munsell charts available

Which one is the most durable, standard chrome plating, polyester or nylon?

Did You Know?

Durability test on hanging rails proves Nylon more durable than standard chrome plating and polyester ....and allows hangers to slide more easily.