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Functional Nylon Coatings

These are Nylon coating systems developed and formulated for applications where in addition to the inherently high durability of Nylon, some additional properties are required.

Nylon R-LF: Nylon has a low coefficient of friction. This formulation increases this characteristic without reducing durability.

  • Reduces the sliding force and heat generated between moving items on contact
  • Reduces wear
  • Reduces squeaks and rattles while having the ability to withstand impact
  • • Nylon R-LF is registered on the IMDS database

Nylon R-AG: Abrasion resistance, and the fact that it is entirely unaffected by solvents make Nylon a good choice as the base for an anti graffiti finish. Our Nylon R AG is formulated to improve the resistance to the harsh chemicals needed to clean off graffiti and to help stop the paint/inks used from penetrating into the coating.

  • Developed in conjunction with London Underground to meet their exacting requirements train hand poles
  • Can be cleaned with the most powerful NMP based graffiti removers
  • Full range of colours and textures available
  • Meets the requirements of Document M - “warm to the touch”

London Underground

After some spectacular failures with polyester, London Underground conducted wear and fire safety tests on our Nylon AG and have used it extensively for train hand poles and station furniture. See the case study.