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Nylon R-AG Coatings for Hand Rails, Grab Rails and Bus Poles

The durability, warm to touch properties and resistance to chemicals and solvents make Nylon R-AG, the obvious choice for handrails on trains buses and trams. It is false economy to use inferior coatings on components that take a lot of wear.

Nylon R-AG has been independently proven to be up to 14 times more durable than standard polyester. A few coating companies have tried to pass off polyester coatings containing a small a percentage of nylon (‘nylon modified’) as genuine Nylon. Needless to say, the coatings failed - as did the companies - when faced with the costs of removal and recoating the failed hand poles.

Perhaps the bench mark for handrail specification is the work done with London Underground on our Nylon R-AG system and the resulting specification that was independently tested for durability, fire safety, and graffiti resistance. This specification is available via our customer services department. Nylon formulations can now include textured finishes to improve grip and anti-microbial properties. With the growing concern about infections being transferred by hand contact this development promises a safer environment for your passengers.