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Polyester Powder Coatings

Polyesters are the workhorse of the powder coating world, although they have limited chemical and wear resistance. As with all coatings, correct preparation and pre-treatment is crucial to durability. Even the best polyester will fail after 6-12 months external exposure if applied directly to steel. Polyesters are widely used for decorative architectural applications as they offer. Polyurethane powders are a particular class of polyester; the chemical resistance is improved as is the flow giving a smoother finish but inferior edge coverage.

  • Good resistance to UV and colour stability
  • Economy
  • A wide range of colours and a full range of gloss levels and textures

Latest Developments

Latest developments include self cleaning and super polyesters.

Systems used: Alesta, Cromodex Extra life, Duraclean, Duraxal, Futura Interpon D, Polydrox, Bonalux.