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Multi Coat Systems

A Multicoat wet paint system gives great flexibility to tailor a coating system to perform a particular role. Normally the system will consist of at least three different layers, each of which may consist of several coats to achieve the required thickness. Each layer will have a different function within the overall system, and by choosing the pre-treatment, primer, intermediate coats and topcoat, exceptional performance can be obtained. These systems are used in extremely aggressive environments where longevity is important and maintenance would be costly. Examples are equipment on oil rigs, chemical works, It is important that all the layers are compatible so the paints will usually all be supplied by a single manufacturer. The requirement for this level of protection often involves large items and we are able to handle items up to 6.6m x 3m x 2.5m weighing up to 2500kgs. The intermediate coats (and sometimes the top coat) are often based on micaceous iron oxide which creates a barrier to moisture and chemicals.

Doclkands Light Railway.

Multicoat system applied to provide durable protection on Docklands Light Railway. See case study.

Systems include: Mebon, Utimax, Sigmadur.