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Fluidised Bed Dipping

Nylon powders can be formulated for application by dipping a heated component into a tank of powder which has been fluidised by passing compressed air though the powder. The nylon fuses on to the component, melting to a smooth finish on heavy components without further heating - lighter components will require post-fusing. The process needs a tank full of powder large enough to cover the component so the set up costs need to be considered. We also have an electrostatic fluidised bed which requires less powder and is used for small items and short runs. Advantages of fluidised bed coatings include:

  • Thicker coating
  • Small components can be cheaper because there is less handling
  • It is possible to coat inside components where access is a problem
  • The coating encapsulates the object
  • There is no wastage - 100% utilisation of powder

Good choice for wirework.

Dipping can be good choice for wirework. Nylon applied by dipping provides durable coating for freezer baskets and washer baskets with the added benefit of anti-microbial action.