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10 Good Reasons to Use Omnikote

  • We are THE nylon coating experts.
    Omnikote were one of the first companies applying nylon powder coatings. We have developed new formulations and evolved coating and pre-treatment techniques that get the very best performance from nylon coatings.

  • 'Layerkote' techniques.
    For the vast majority of applications there is a relationship between pre-treatments, primers and final coat. Our technical experience and facilities enable us to manage the detail in these processes to achieve maximum synergy, improving performance a cut above the competition. We call this process 'LayerKote'. This greatly improves performance without necessarily increasing costs. With LayerKote guarantees of up to 25 years are possible.

  • Quality.
    Omnikote were one of the first coating companies to achieve (ISO 9001) and continues to maintain high standards as our long list of approved applicator and WRACS, MOD, TfL and motor industry accreditations prove.

  • Experience and technical capability.
    Omnikote have an enviable track record over 30 years and over the years solved many problems and scored quite a few firsts. But what is relevant today is our ability through our specials and prototype department to actually apply our skill, then test and prove our ideas so that you can be confident in the end result.

  • One stop shop.
    No need to waste time and money running components around sub contractors; we can do the lot. We have a full range of coating techniques, wet and dry and pre treatments from the usual to the specialist ...and the experience to use them well.

  • Delivery and collection service
    We can collect and deliver within a 50 mile radius of Aylesbury, further by arrangement. We have a range of vehicles some of which have lifting equipment.
  • Our minimum order value can be as low as just £90

  • Specialist Architectural Department.
    The section is kitted out for large and awkward components that need the sort of pre-treatment, priming and processing that long term exterior durability requires. Because we do it day in and day out it is section nature to us and so your problem part is probably not much of a problem for us.

  • Staff average 18 years service.
    Our work load changes daily and so there is no substitute for the operator who has a deep understanding of the process and can skilfully use the equipment to obtain a quality result each time, every time. You can be assured that your work will be processed skilfully and consistently.

  • Flexibility
    Our 5 plants can handle large components or large quantities or just a few prototypes. The plants run a double day shift to provide a flexible service and fast turnaround for urgent work and all have wrapping and packing facilities.